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Doing Business in Indonesia

Indonesia is an emerging Asian giant. It is the largest economy in South East Asia and in recent years Indonesia’s GDP has been growing at more than 5% annually on the back of stable democratic government, open trade and investment policies, increasing domestic consumption, abundant natural resources and a growing skilled workforce.

Yet Indonesia remains at an earlier stage of development than some of its neighbours, which in some respects can make it a more challenging place to do business.

However, Indonesia’s proximity and emerging global market economy present significant opportunities for Australian enterprise. The key emerging industries include mining, manufacturing, infrastructure, automotive and fast moving consumer goods.

Consider some key facts:

  • Indonesia is home to the world’s fourth largest population with about half of its residents under the age of 30
  • Indonesia boasts one of the region’s most rapidly expanding middle-classes, with purchasing power forecast to grow strongly
  • Indonesia’s GNI per capita was over $US 10,000 in 2014, considerably higher than the average for lower middle income nations (around $US 6,000)