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How To Balance a Checkbook Without a Check Register

Writing down transactions in a checkbook register is one way to keep track of them, but there are also options for balancing your checkbook digitally.

Online and Mobile Banking 

Nearly 40% of Americans rely on mobile banking to manage their money.4 If your bank offers online banking and/or mobile banking, balancing your checkbook may be as simple as logging in to your account.

Once logged in you can quickly scan your:

  • Current balance information
  • Available balance information
  • Debit transaction history
  • Credit transaction history

You may prefer online and mobile banking for checkbook balancing if you don’t write paper checks or only write a few each month. Keep in mind that checks won’t show up in your transaction history until the transaction has been posted, so you still need to keep track of those amounts when calculating your current balance.

Setting up text or email notifications can make it easier to keep track of new credit and debit transactions without having to log in to your account.